avert entropy

a life-affirming project of systematic improvement

what the fuck is avert entropy?

ok ok, before you say 'hey you cant avert, subvert, reduce, or otherwise avoid increase in entropy,' i say:


now that's out of the way. the universe inevitably plods toward max entropy state, that's pretty neat! we experience this small part of the universe in a pretty mind blowing way. random physical processes created complicated machines at a crazy variety of scales which can perceive light, sound, other life, experience consciousness... life seems to make order from disorder, bring out color from dullness, struggle for continuity, to avert entropy in our little systems. that vitality is beautiful and incredible.

ultimately, like probably many people in this late stage of capitalism, a depressive state seems to be the norm. writing even a few trite things seems to help. so for now, this is my project. this is how i avert the increase in entropy of my own systems: my work, my home -- and my body

It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late

emil cioran